We are the Initiative Freie Musikszene Zürich – an association of freelance musicians, ensembles and artists of the Zurich contemporary music and sound art scene. Our expertise and art involves the broad spectrum of interpretation, composition, improvisation, performance art and music theater.
        We perform in a wide variety of spaces and formats from classical concert halls, galleries and theaters to public and digital spaces. The IFMZ is committed to cultural policy, especially for new rehearsal and performance venues for the free music and sound art scene in Zurich. We are always happy to welcome new members.

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︎︎︎Magda Drozd

︎︎︎Pascal Lund-Jensen

Verein Initiative Freie Musikszene Zürich (IFMZ)
Zeughausstrasse 56
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Studio Z4 Residency:
artist sharing with Kaldi Moss

"Apparatuses do not merely facilitate measurements; they produce (in) different worlds." — Karen Barad, Meeting the Universe Halfway

Dear all

On Friday 21st June we invite you to the residency sharing of Indian artist Kaldi Moss, who is in Zürich for a 3-month residency with Pro Helvetia New Delhi. Moss will present a set of experiments in the form of a performance they call "Lying Down With Time".

"The measurement of time is not just about clocks ticking; it involves complex cultural and philosophical frameworks that dictate our understanding of temporal reality." — Sundar Sarukkai

Lying Down With Time is in response to Moss’s observation of people in Zurich and their loyalty to clock time. How does this relate to the idea of freedom and what does this mean for someone who conceives and lives time differently?

In an attempt to create an apparatus that can sharpen the question, Moss explores a series of incremental experiments, entangling ideas taken from computer science research (Time, clocks, and ordering of events in a distributed network, Leslie et. al.) and biology with philosophy and electronics.

The sharing starts at 6 pm. Afterward, you are invited for drinks and snacks.

See you at our studios at Zeughaus 4 / Kasernenareal / Zeughausstrasse 56 in Zürich.

Kaldi Moss is in a studio residency supported by Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.


1 Year IFMZ @Zeughaus 4


Residency Programme Multidirectional Motions

Starting in winter 2023/24, the IFMZ in cooperation with SONIC MATTER – Platform for Experimental Music and Oto Sound Museum offers a residency programme in Studio 1 of the IFMZ premises at Zeughaus 4 in the Kasernenareal Zurich. The Open Call is aimed at sound artists, musicians and composers living in Switzerland with a focus on contemporary, experimental music or installative and cross-disciplinary practices. Individuals or duos can apply. The residency is not suitable for bands or larger ensembles. The residency is also open to artists from Zurich.

DEADLINE 12 November 2023

TO THE CALL: ︎︎︎Deutsch ︎︎︎Français ︎︎︎Italiano ︎︎︎English


The free Zurich music scene needs spaces! That's why we founded the association IFMZ and wrote a position paper. If you support our cause, please sign the petition. We are happy about new supporters!

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In November 2022, IFMZ got a space as part of the interim use of Zeughaus 4 on the Kasernenareal in Zurich — a new place for rehearsals, studios, experiments, exchange and community. The more than 500 square meters of space were divided into a large rehearsal room with control room and grand piano (283m2), a multi-purpose room for rehearsals, workshop, workshops (53m2), six individual studio rooms (27–30m2) and a storage room (30m2).
        Rentals of the large rehearsal room are possible upon request (see Rentals).

Main Users Rehearsal Room

︎︎︎Collegium Novum Zurich
︎︎︎Ensemble Tzara
︎︎︎kollektiv international totem
︎︎︎Le Pli

Renters Studios/Offices

︎︎︎Micha Seidenberg, Komponist
︎︎︎Magda Drozd, Musikerin, Klangkünstlerin
︎︎︎Ivan Deves, Musiker
︎︎︎Nicola Genovese, Künstler, Musiker
︎︎︎Sonic Matter, Festival
︎︎︎Rahel Zimmermann, Komponistin
︎︎︎Pascal Lund-Jensen, Komponist, Sound- und Medienkünstler
︎︎︎Manolo Müller, Komponist, Soundkünstler

For rehearsals of music ensembles, smaller orchestras, chamber music, theater and dance we rent the 282m2 rehearsal room. Workshops and internal sharings are possible, but not public events.
        Requests can be made via this ︎︎︎Form. Please read rates and terms and conditions beforehand and check availability in the occupancy calendar. IFMZ membership is worthwhile: Members of the association benefit from lower prices for rentals.





Kaldi Moss - artist in residence from Goa/India at Studio Z4 Residency

On their residency, Kaldi Moss will be immersing themselves in a multifaceted exploration of sound. They’ll craft instruments, experimenting with a range of techniques from software to analog hardware. Alongside, they’ll conduct ongoing observations in psychoustics and rhythms across various temporal and environmental contexts. Additionally, they’ll compose spatial pieces that blend noise, live electronics, analog instruments, and collaborative improvisation, prioritizing observation-driven complexity over rigid rules. Moss is interested in experience of beings, their inner lives, measurement, making tools and instruments. They’re invested in studying the subconscious effect of rhythms and shapes that we live in and are interested in transforming architecture through sound. From exploring software, hardware, digital and analog techniques of sound-making to ongoing observations in psychoustics and rhythms at different scales of time and in different kinds of places. Moss also delves into writing spatial compositions that work with various elements of noise, live electronics, analog instruments, and collaboration, improvisation etc.

Supported by Pro Helvetia New Delhi

Photograph by Alina Tiphagne


Studio Z4 Residency is ready to go - Our residents in the following months

Starting in January 2024 IFMZ, in cooperation with SONIC MATTER - Platform for Experimental Music, offers a residency program at the IFMZ spaces of Zeughaus 4 in the Kasernenareal Zurich to sound artists, musicians and composers living in Switzerland with a focus on contemporary, experimental music or installation and cross-disciplinary practices.

From January - April 2024 we will welcome the following artists, who were selected by a jury from an open call.

Myalo (Locarno)
Zainab Lascandri (Zürich)
Aya Metwalli (Bern)
Ronja Svaneborg (Zürich, Dornbirn)
Suntka Rinke (Zürich)
Mario Espinoza (Zürich)
Kollektiv HuGo - Luz González, Annatina Huwiler (Bern, Zürich)

Save the dates!
Each artist will share their practice within a residency sharing to the public.
An apéro and possibilities for exchange follow the sharing.
The sharing starts at 6 pm at Zeughaus 4 (Zeughausstrasse 56). Click here for the location on Google Maps (the door is on the street side and not in the courtyard).

16/01 with Myalo
03/02 with Zainab Lascandri
18/02 with Aya Metwalli
15/03 with Ronja Svaneborg
12/04 with Mario Espinoza
25/04 with Suntka Rinke & Kollektiv HuGo

The sharings are supported by Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung. The residency program is supported by Temperatio Stiftung and Oertli Stiftung.



Jad Atoui: First residency at the studio Z4 residency - in cooperation with Sonic Matter

From Novem

From November 24 to December 4, sound artist and performer Jad Atoui  will be working on the further development of his interactive installation "Vibrant Pools", which explores the multisensory experience of sound, during his residency.

On Tuesday, November 28, 2023 from 7 pm at Zeughaus 4 / IFMZ, Zeughausstrasse 56, 8004 Zurich, Jad Atoui will give an insight into his work and an outlook on the SONIC MATTER Festival, where he will be represented several times this year. Afterwards we invite you to an aperitif on site.

1 - 3 DEC:
SOFT CUSHION HOT EARS Lounges & Festival CenterInstallation "Vibrant Pools"

1 DEC:
borderline club
culturePerformance-Installation "In-Resonance" (Co-Creation Jad Atoui & june as)

2 DEZ:
Long Night of InterferencesSolo performance "Purge"

3. DEZ:
Meet the Artist / Jad Atoui
Introduction to "Vibrant Pools" and joint activation of the installation

Jad Atoui is a Beirut-based sound artist and improviser whose activities range from concerts to compositions, installations and workshops. He composes and plays electronic and electro-acoustic music and has performed on stage with musicians such as John Zorn, Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Anderson, Chuck Bettis, Tarek Atoui and Anthony Sahyoun. He has given and co-directed workshops at Marfa Sounding, Ashkal Alwan and the Beirut Synth Center.