In November 2022, IFMZ got a space as part of the interim use of Zeughaus 4 on the Kasernenareal in Zurich — a new place for rehearsals, studios, experiments, exchange and community. The more than 500 square meters of space were divided into a large rehearsal room with control room and grand piano (283m2), a multi-purpose room for rehearsals, workshop, workshops (53m2), six individual studio rooms (27–30m2) and a storage room (30m2).
        Rentals of the large rehearsal room are possible upon request (see Rentals).

Main Users Rehearsal Room

︎︎︎Collegium Novum Zurich
︎︎︎Ensemble Tzara
︎︎︎kollektiv international totem
︎︎︎Le Pli

Renters Studios/Offices

︎︎︎Micha Seidenberg, Komponist
︎︎︎Magda Drozd, Musikerin, Klangkünstlerin
︎︎︎Ivan Deves, Musiker
︎︎︎Nicola Genovese, Künstler, Musiker
︎︎︎Sonic Matter, Festival
︎︎︎Rahel Zimmermann, Komponistin
︎︎︎Pascal Lund-Jensen, Komponist, Sound- und Medienkünstler
︎︎︎Manolo Müller, Komponist, Soundkünstler